Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thanks for 2008 and Happy New Year!

Thanks so much to everyone that has been reading my blog from time to time! Another great year is over and I hope you have enjoyed my experiences. While my son has taken over my life, and thusly my blog, please bear with me, I am always trying to think of Hamamatsu angles to my topics and anyway, Hamamatsu is still a big part of everything that we do. As are the people that stop by, so one more time, thank you so much and good luck to everyone in 2009! It will be a very tough year for some people, so those that are doing well, please try to think of those less fortunate.

I am also sorry the last 3 months, my posting has dropped off, I have been definitely struggling with the added responsibilities/time management since Ritsuko got back to work. But a new year is always a good time to renew one's efforts- so gambarimasu as they say here.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Opening presents and first performance

On Christmas, while he didn't quite have the process down, he was quite intrigued by his presents and was able to open them with a bit of help.

His second main present was a toy keyboard (that was actually reasonably priced). He had seen it at the store and was so excited about it. Here is a snip of his first ever performance- sounds a little like death metal, or 'noise'- but he is an up and coming artist...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas bonanza!

While it was Ken's 2nd X-mas, it was the first year that he could gain some appreciation out of the whole thing, so we were looking forward to it for him. He started with the Stocking and enjoyed these noisemakers and shook them quite enthusiastically.
He spotted the first big box and was quite intrigued.
The brand characters aren't so important yet, he has no idea who Thomas is, but he did like the push car that we saw at Warwicks when we went earlier in the month and I know he will get some enjoyment from this one. Music and car together.... Heaven!I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas as we most certainly did!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Turkey and Good Eats at Warwick's pad

Way back on December 7th, Warwick was holding his annual turkey feast and we managed to get our hands to a coveted invite to the event. So we loaded Ken into the car where he got some rest to to store up his energy before the event.
We arrived and quickly saw how big Tyler has become, running around and communicating and interacting with everyone quite toddler like.
Ken and Warwick enjoyed catching up on the old stories.We also met a nice guy from Canada named Robin. He was guest of Warwick's neighbours with whom he works in the school system.

We had a good time and a great feed meeting a lot of great people and eating some delicious food prepared by Warwick and Emi. Looks like we are on the hook for making the next inter-family feast!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ken talking on the telephone

Ken has taken a liking to picking up our telephone and copying our mannerisms while talking on the phone. Pretty funny sometimes...

And then he gets tired and it's time to sit down to continue the conversation...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Canucks and Shopping

I had Ken modeling my Canucks toque and was trying to figure out which way looked best on him, but they were both so danged good. I decided to run with both of them.
He doesn't really watch hockey yet, but he is totally ready to accessorize!I also took him to the new shopping mall that just opened nearby, Plehawalk and he really enjoyed cruising around the benches and talking to strangers. Looks like a little man in this picture! (by the way he still isn't really walking on his own but is very close-- he'll stand for long stretches but still a little chicken about taking steps....)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ken's Birthday

Another back-dated post for the sake of timing....
November 24th was Ken's first birthday! Wow- hard to believe it's only been a year, so many great memories already! Sadly for the days coming up to his birthday he had a fever and was a shadow of himself. Luckily on his big day he was fever free and relatively in good spirits, though the above was the only picture we took that day. We bought him a little tent that fills up with balls to play in. He loved it for the first day or so anyway....

Sadly he soon got sick again a couple of times over the next couple of weeks, so it seemed like he was sick for about a month straight. Been free and clear for the last week or so though, so hoping that sticks! (knocking on wood at this moment)

These other 2 pictures are just a couple of cute pictures that I hadn't posted yet from mid-November.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Setsuko's second party

Oops, where did all the time go? Back dating this entry so that it is a little closer to the date of the actual happening....

After we finished up at Setsuko's wedding we were able to go home for a bit and charge up the batteries. After which we hopped onto the train and went into Hamamatsu Central station area for the Reception party.
Ken was enjoying the train ride, apparently so was his mother.
In Short order we arrived at our destination.
The main attraction of this party was that they had a fresh side of Maguro that we watched them chop up and then had some very delicious sashimi. We were also treated to this bizarre dance display from the groom and some of his work buddies I would guess. Afterwards his matsuri (Hamamatsu festival) team showed their faces to scream "washoi!" a few times and help the groom to get drunk. There was a raffle in the event and sadly the person right after Ritsy and I won the Nintendo DSi-- so close! A good night all in all though!