Saturday, January 15, 2011

Some wrapup on outstanding posts- End of Steve's visit in Jan 2010

 The last day of Steve's stay a year ago, we managed to get Ritsy to come along with us- one week away from having Mona and all. We took Steve out to Ryotanji in Inasa to see the lovely Japanese style garden there.
 A big tradition in Japan is to ring the Bell at the beginning of the year, so Ken was able to get a few 'gongs' in.
And of course Thomas was along for the trip and he got to go for a run on the stone steps. It was a nice day and a nice visit from the Man- Steve-O.


Andrew / Andy said...

Thanks for visiting the blog.
We live on the lake, just north of Kanzanji.
Good to see you've got back to blogging since the new year. I've been a quiet lurker for a few years now.
Hope 2011 is a good one for you.

Todd L said...

Thanks Andy! I also have lurked around your blog a number of times- I think you even have a link to my blog in there? I appreciate it! I changed my goal to posting a couple of times a week as opposed to every day if possible which I had done before.

North of Kanzanji- like Flower Park area? Looks like a great area to live! Long commute to drive in Toyohashi, I guess though, eh?

Well ya, I hope you have a great year too!