Wednesday, October 7, 2009

kashima fireworks in September

Usually every year in early August, fireworks are held in Kajima, one of the biggest local fireworks festivals around here. But this year in August the Tenryu river levels were very high due to rain fall, and the scheduled day was overcast, so they were delayed to early September. We were invited by Shauna a JET that we had met earlier in the year to her apartment for an awesome view of the fireworks. Chris, Ken and I headed down to enjoy- with Ritsy working the night shift at her hospital.
Ken and I picked a choice seat for enjoyment.
The fireworks were, big loud and great- we had a fantastic view- without the crowd!
We also were able to meet a bunch of non-Japanese people, which is always a rare pleasure in Hamamatsu.
Ken really enjoyed the show.
He also met Claudia who had taken a liking to Ken and started dragging him around and playing with him. She was pretty cool and we enjoyed meeting her and everyone at the fireworks!

Friday, October 2, 2009

My 37th birthday

For my birthday, Ritsy came up with a new idea, a great steak restaurant near to Hamamatsu castle called Asakuma.
Ritsy and ken seriously contemplated the menu.
Ken and I enjoyed the initial cheers and drink.
And a serious picture...
Ken took a try at the chopsticks.
First attempt failed.
Second try was good.
Look near the bottom of the tree, we could see a Japanese raccoon dog, tanuki.
We were surprised with a free desert and a little music box playing "Happy Birthday" (We couldn't keep the box). A great birthday feast!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Ken really seems to enjoy bath time, so often we have a tough time to drag him outta the bath. This is a relief and we are trying to savour this as later it will probably become a struggle to get him to take one....
I tried to take picture that would spare him the humiliation of having his gear splashed across the Internet. Of course I have always been thankful that any photographic evidence of my sister and I in a bath when I was little were destroyed in our old Welland home (flooded lower basement I think?)
All clean and finally coaxed out...
... and time to clean up- what a good boy!