Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Foreigner fun for Easter

  Back in April a number of us families of Japanese/outside country people mix variety got together to have a bit of fun. The event was organized by Warwick, another teacher who works the same times as us in the mornings named Matt and I. Hopefully the first of many for the kids to get together and communicate in English and get to know some other kids like them. It was easy for the 3 of us to put together as we are all on the same schedule, though we'd like to extend that to more participants in the future.
 All the young'uns like Mona in the foreground, and Oto and Ume in the back seemed to be on their own missions.
 Ken was hamming it up as usual with Matt and his son Oto.
 Marty and his daughter came out too and enjoyed the Egg coloring activity.
 Marty enjoyed a beer too.
 Tyler was eating something, hopefully not a rock.
 Next we scattered a bunch of candies about and the Easter hunt was on.
 The kids searched earnestly and it quickly turned into a cut throat competition. 
Ken managed only a few items, though he proclaimed himself the winner- I think Tyler actually was...

It was a good time, even after the crazy ANZAC'S took out the Cricket bat and lobbed a ball into the mat where all the mothers and kids were sitting. Looking forward to more such outings.

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