Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hamamatsu Zoo

A couple of days before the little guy got sick, we took him to the Hamamatsu Zoo. While it was tough to teach him what the animals were just yet, it was a great chance to expose him to the many different animals that we share this world with.

Kanzanji is quite a nice area, they boast the only amusement park of the Hamamatsu area, Pal Pal (Pronounced Paru Paru) and a hot spring and music box museum.
Ken and him mom looked mischievous from the outset.
At first Ken was non-responsive to the animals, but by around the mid-point when we saw the Polar Bear, he started the point. This is his new communication which has a few a different meanings. From 'I want that' to 'look' to 'come here and pick me up'.

I think this one was 'look at the Polar Bear'.It was hot so we mad sure we had lots of refreshments. Even while drinking, he kept an eye on where the camera was pointing at all times. And we had to get in at least one cheesy picture, this one turned out to be my favorite one. I love his smile in this!

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