Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thanks for 2008 and Happy New Year!

Thanks so much to everyone that has been reading my blog from time to time! Another great year is over and I hope you have enjoyed my experiences. While my son has taken over my life, and thusly my blog, please bear with me, I am always trying to think of Hamamatsu angles to my topics and anyway, Hamamatsu is still a big part of everything that we do. As are the people that stop by, so one more time, thank you so much and good luck to everyone in 2009! It will be a very tough year for some people, so those that are doing well, please try to think of those less fortunate.

I am also sorry the last 3 months, my posting has dropped off, I have been definitely struggling with the added responsibilities/time management since Ritsuko got back to work. But a new year is always a good time to renew one's efforts- so gambarimasu as they say here.

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