Monday, February 2, 2009

A little more from the Bird and Flower Center

We continued our journey inside to enjoy the many peculiar birds they had flying about.
There was a time in Vancouver when a bird hit a store window in front of me and landed on my shoulder. Just then, some dude rounded a corner and asked me; "You aren't one of those bird people are you?" To which I replied "No I am not". But on this day, I did feel a bit like a "bird person" with them landing on my hands quite freely (looking for food methinks)
Ritsy also gained some friends.Ken was quite interested in all the goings on, and was oblivious to the kiss from his mother.
He was really enjoying the cruising on this day, lots of practice. We enjoyed the lunch buffet there which suspiciously had a lot of bird in the selection...
We had a great time interacting with the birds, the only one that scared Ken was the flamingos. Not pictured here at all. I guess they were just a little too big and aggressive. But everyone had a great day!

End of year trip to the bird and flower center

On December 31st we took a little family trip to neighboring Kakegawa and went to the bird and flower center. I had hoped for a more elaborate and exciting excursion during my winter holidays but a lack of fore-planning and substantial funds had logic presiding. While I was a little skeptical about going to the bird and plant center, it actually turned out to be quite a fun day.

The outside of the building looks like a traditional Japanese warehouse or something like that.
First off, we watched a bird show that featured owls and a couple of parrots. Ken's attention was strongly held.
On the way inside the building, we could see people feeding the birds, including the above pictured aggressive bugger.So Ritsuko and Ken tried to feed him somewhat succesfully...